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Investing journal software built to improve your process

Brokerage Apps let investors move fast and often — but overtrading benefits brokers, not stock investors.

liquid amber helps stock investors slow down, and make better decisions.

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Investing journal software that lets you learn more from mistakes, improve your process, and seize more opportunities.

Stop losing track of your research when you need it most

Say goodbye to multiple spreadsheets and folders, and say hello to having your investment journal do the organizing for you.

Why use liquid amber investing journal software?

Invest with more conviction, and less hesitation

Writing enables us to find out what we know — and what we don't know.

When you have your research ready in writing before volatility strikes, it's easier to have the conviction to manage your investments swiftly.

Journal your process and learn more from mistakes

World-class athletes are obsessed with reviewing film of their matches.

As you journal the reasons behind your investments, you create "film" you can review and learn from.

Track investments and dividends across multiple portfolios

Visualize not just your investment returns, but also your dividend growth over time.

Get SEC Filings delivered to your inbox

SEC Filings are the investor's toolbelt.

You could lose access to all other financial news and data, and you'd be fine, as long as you had your trusty 10-K's and 8-Q's.

Automatic SEC filing inbox makes it easy for you to do due digilence.

Get advance notice with your earnings calendar

Get a heads up so it's easier to make time for the only news that really matters.


Ways to use liquid amber as your investing journal

  • Seize more opportunities
  • Evaluate your theses over time
  • Track dividends
  • Manage position sizes
  • Automate SEC Filings
An investing journal entry for MercadoLibre, showing an investor's review of the most recent earnings report.

Having your research ready ahead of time is the best way to invest with conviction.

Portfolio view of the liquid amber stock investing journal app

Don't fall victim to thesis creep. Log your views on how your investments perform over time.

Visualize the growth of your dividend investments over time.

See your equity and income growth over time

SEC filing tracker app view

Automatically track what matters most to your investments.